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People are with us, We are going to sweep Karnataka By elections: BJP In-Charge Muralidhar Rao asserts

Bengaluru: The Bharatiya Janata Party Karnataka State Incharge and BJP All India General Secretary Mr Muralidhar Rao asserts that

The People of Karnataka are with us and we are with the people of Karnataka, So Nobody can stop us winning all the 15 seats in the by elections”

HIT News Editor Interacted with Mr Muralidhar Rao regarding the Karnataka elections and BJP Position. Mr Muralidhar Rao is so confident that all the reports that are coming from various sources confirms us that our candidates this time will get an extraordinary majority in all the places. The Opposite faction has no face to show to people as they betrayed them, they cheated, looted and finally collapsed for their own faults, people saw every dirty act played by the Congress Party and Janatadal said Muralidhar Rao.

You can see Mr Muralidhar Rao’s Full Interview soon on OUr Youtube Channel and in our coming Editions in HIT News (English) and India Times (Telugu and Kannada)