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Muralidhar Rao’s Exclusive Interview: Now on HappyIndiaTimes Channel

Muralidhar Rao, the man behind karnataka success speaks exclusively to HIT News (English) and Happy India Times (Telugu).

The following are the questions asked. He replied very patiently. He has a clear vision and action plan for future of India and the BJP Party.
Questions to Muralidhar Rao

1) How are you prepared for Karnataka By-elections.

2) How are you going deal the issues caused by natural disasters?

3) Are you ready for post poll alliance with Kumaraswamy’s JDS

4) What make you believe that your candidates are going to sweep all 15 seats in this by election

5) One side is the strongest Narendra Modi ji for India and the other side is Yeddyurappa who is elderly person! How are you going to drive Karnataka for a successful BJP rule. Because your Chief Minister is an old man?

6) There is a strong youth and work force, what is that your government is doing and what are your plans for utilisation of abundant youth force and man power?

7) How are you resolving issues related traffic, sewerage and waste management, infrastructure, roads, water, employment that bengaluru is facing?

8) Amid the rumours of National Register of Citizens (NRC) target is Muslims. What is your exact view and how are you going to create confidence among Muslim community ?

9) How are you going to prevent financial frauds? White collar crimes? IMA Scams? Any other scam that loot people?

10) Leaders of Opposite parties like former Chief Minister Kumaraswamy, DK Shiva Kumar even former home minister from congress were facing severe criminal allegations! What will be your course of action in this matters?

11) What is your reaction on YS Jagan Reddy Implementing English as medium of Instruction in place of Telugu language which is mother tongue of Telugu people?

12) Telangana boiling with Somany issues like never before! How are you going to take on TRS government and Kalvakuntla Chandra Sekhhar Rao’s decisions?

13) Rumours on CM position to Muralidhar Rao in Telangana?

14) About Muralidhar Rao Life and Life style?

15) Muralidhar Rao’s Vision and Mission for India?

Please watch the video