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Kadiri ORR now a State Issue: Kanna Lakshmi Narayana, Endorsed Vamshikrishna’s Fast unto death Deeksha

The Long pending issue Outer Ring to Kadiri is now gearing up momentum, Due to heavy vehicles passing through the town causes many human fatalities and casualties, Many people died and got severely damaged. People are facing acute respiratory problems due to dust pollution that comes when heavy vehicles passes. Heavy transport vehicles also causing frequent traffic jams in the town.
1st Step: The then MLA Attar Chand Basha mentioned this Outer ring road issue in the Assembly and got the Governments approval by the then chief minister Chandrababu Naidu. But No financial sanctions made to that effect.
The present Legislator PV Siddareddy took to Amarana Deeksha ( Fast unto death) when he was in Opposition during 2018. Its a continuous struggle by the people for Outer Ring Road.
3rd. BJP took up the issue planned agitations and appeals to awake the government the importance of setting up of Outer Ring Road.
The Bharateeya Janatha Party Yuva Morcha (Andhra Pradesh) Vice President Mr Vamshikrishna took up the Aamarana Nirahara Deeksha ( Fast unto Death) for Immediate action to lay the Outer Ring Road at Kadiri. Mr Kanna Lakshmi Narayana the BJP President (Andhra Pradesh Unit) extended the party support and spoke for the cause and demanded the YS Jagan Government for immediate action and lay the Outer Ring Road. People attended in huge numbers and the program was a big hit. Mr Vamshikrishna successfully took the issue to the state level and commanded the Ruling Government for inevitable action and lay the Outer Ring Road.
The Local Legislator Mr Siddareddy under fire for his inability to bring the Outer Ring Road. Vamshikrishna took over him and successfully created an impression among people of Kadiri. Mr Vishnuvardhan Reddy the BJP Vice President and Vice Chairman Nehru Yuva Kendra also participated and extended his support to Vamshikrishna and team and pressed for Outer Ring Road . Ex MLA Mr Parthasaradhi also condemned the Governments negligence in establishing Outer Ring Road and demanded for immediate actin to lay the ORR. Local Leaders Mr Gangadhar , Mr Vajra Bhaskar, Mr Venkatesh and other participated.