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Janasena Conducted Dokka Seethamma Food Camps in response to Jagan Reddy’s Sand Crisis

Janasena conducted Dokka Seethamma Food Camps Successfully in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Amaravathi: In response to YS Jagan Mohan Reddy Sand policy and poor administration, construction workers are committing suicides due to lakh of food and money. In the recently held Long march, the Janasena Party Chief warned the government to take necessary steps to resolve the sand issue within 2 weeks. With the effect the YS Jagan Government Initiated ISUKA VAROTSAVAALU means Sand Festivals across the state. Meanwhile Janasena Chief initiated a program to create confidence among the construction workers and masses that Janasena is with people and Janasena always fight for Public causes Started Dokka Seethamma food Camps from across the state. Pawan Kalyan Himself launched the Program at Mangalagiri recently.

Janasena Leader from Vizag Dasari Lakshmi Sandhya said With the call from Pawan Kalyan we are conducting this Dokka Sethamma Food Camps in Vizag, We are very happy to provide food for the needy. We feel previlige to be part of this program and proud to be Pawan fan and Janasena worker. Janasena is the Only party works for poor and needy without any expectation. We keep doing this programs for people. Pawan Kalyan did long march here in Vizag among 2 lakh people. We demand the YS Jagan Reddy Government to take immediate steps to save Building workers said Lakshmi Sandhya.