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Cyberabad Commissioner’s Pressmeet on Priyanak Reddy’s Rape and Murder

Dr Priyanka Reddy Murder Case: Cyberabad Commissioner’s Press Meet
The Cyberabad commissioner VC Sajjanar conducted press meet. He explained the whole event of rape and murder of Priyanka reddy. His team arrested the culprits. The culprits are Mohammad Pasha, Jollu Shiva, Naveen and Keshavulu got arrested and now they are in the cyberabad police custody.

Criticism on Media

These are the 4 disgusting and inhuman faces – the rapists and murderers of Dr Priyanka Reddy…
Journalism has gone to dogs – even in such a heart breaking news, they are trying to exaggerate the scenario to earn TRP by projecting only 1 pic and name everytime.. : Leelavati Lilly Sabale Senior Journalist