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BJP sweeps Karnataka bypolls, BS Yediyurappa govt retains majority; state Congress leaders Siddaramaiah, Dinesh Gundu Rao resign from posts

BJP leader and Karnataka chief minister BS Yeddyurappa is set to retain power in Karnataka as the BJP bags 12 seats to maintain the majority in the state government The Congress, which won 12 of those 15 seats in the 2018 Assembly polls, won in only two segments: Hunsur and Shivajinagar The Devegowda lead Janatadal […]

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Rajya Sabha passes Citizenship (Amendment) Bill Amid protests and internet shutdowns

Several parts of northeast India plunged into chaos as massive protests were held against the controversial bill which offers Indian citizenship to non-Muslim refugees from three countries. Rajya Sabha passed the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill on Wednesday, amid heavy criticism by opposition leaders and protests across the country. The Bill enables non-Muslim refugees — Hindu, […]

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The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched India’s newest radar imaging earth observation satellite RISAT-2BR1 onboard PSLV-C48 from its spaceport of Sriharikota. There were a total of ten satellites – one Indian defense satellite, and nine commercial satellites, coordinated via a partnership with NewSpace India Limited (NSIL) – that were launched into space. The launch […]

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ఈ రిపోర్టర్ ఘరానా మోసగాడు బ్లాక్ మైలర్. సాక్షి మీడియా ముసుగులో కదిరి రిపోర్టర్ శ్రీనివాస రెడ్డి మోసాలు.

  సాక్షి మీడియా ముసుగులో ఘరానా మోసగాడు ఎమ్మెల్యే అండతో చలరేగిపోతున్న క్రిమినల్ తమ కులపు వారికి మాత్రమే సపోర్ట్ చేస్తాడు . కదిరి సీఐ మల్లికార్జున గుప్త ను వేధించిన దొంగ ఈ శ్రీనివాస రెడ్డి, తనకులం అధికారి కోసం సీఐ ని పొట్టన పెట్టుకున్నాడు SC నాయకులపై ST నాయకులపై BC నాయకులపై తప్పుడు కథనాలు రాస్తాడు రెడ్డి కులం కానీ అధికారులపై జులుం ప్రదర్శిస్తాడు కదిరి నియోజకవర్గం లో షాడో ఎమ్మెల్యే గా […]

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Muralidhar Rao’s Exclusive Interview: Now on HappyIndiaTimes Channel

Muralidhar Rao, the man behind karnataka success speaks exclusively to HIT News (English) and Happy India Times (Telugu). The following are the questions asked. He replied very patiently. He has a clear vision and action plan for future of India and the BJP Party. Questions to Muralidhar Rao 1) How are you prepared for Karnataka […]

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BJP sweeps karnataka By elections 2019: HIT Flash Survey Report

BJP all ready for tomorrows by elections. Maharashtra impact, political developments at the national level helps BJP Win. Maharashtra Political alliance created a sympathy on BJP. People under the impression that all the opposite parties trying to trouble BJP. BJP also somany historical decisions and Narendra Modi government’s performance is also created a strong impression […]