About Us

Our Vision

To reach the goal confirms establishment of goal posts. We are very careful
in estimating our abilities and ambitions while defining the goals.

We would like to tread the path with all our efforts to succeed in reaching
our goals of strengthened primary ,magnifying secondary and flourishing
tertiary sectors of our economy.
We would like to lay the foundations stronger and ensure growth from bottom
to top approach. Strong grass roots shall promote the branches and fruits
Let us build India free from misery and free from suicides.
Let us make India the best place to live in the world.

Our Way

We the members of Swadesh Group move as a team to reach the Goals of Happy
India. Every step is put forward with lots of care because every member supports
the other. Every move is together , Every thought is cohesive .

We understand needs of every contributor in the society and support them. We
ignite every one to become a contributor.
We want the dreamers to fly, we want every one to dream.

We Believe

To be Human is our approach, To excel is our ambition. We would like to
create a platform to enable all the participants to perform.

No body need to search for inputs, supports to survive. We stand by the
contributors from students, farmers, professionals, part timers, service
providers, technocrats and entrepreneurs.

With the aim to build a cohesive complete society we bring in technology,
investment and the human values.

To understand each other’s ability humility is needed which we possess, to
reach the heights ambitions are required which we evolve, to achieve the
goals ability we need ,which we build. To generate Happiness sharing is the
buzzword , which we believe.

Our Attitude

We believe in humanity, we practise humility, we preach solidarity and we
want to achieve happiness.

We work hard to achieve our goals of creating wonderful atmosphere and make
India the best place in the world. We want to put Indian product on the
global map and showcase its value to the world.

HIT News (English)

Prestigious English Weekly with highest news standards in english. With all India Presence Hit News attracted peoples attention for its quality in news and paper. The cover stories published in this News weekly is a sensation and a witness to the running world. This is the signature of the history and the world. A blue print of facts

Happy India Times (Telugu)

Telugu News weekly stands for quality of news and paper. We give priority to safety and happiness of our readers. Whatever we publish is only for awareness for happy living. All the useful information like political, health, education, sports, jobs and employment, events etc are publishing

News and Ads.com (Advertising Portal)

This is a world class advertising agency and online advertising portal. Provides all kinds of media and advertising solutions from across the world.

News and advertisements has been an age old business witnessing changes in
terms if media size and revenues in the past decades.

In spite of so many entrants in to the business of news , still the scope
for bringing in more news and happenings exists. More people are engaged in
to understanding of the news, more views upon the news come out. The
activism of social media in collecting, spreading news indicate the will of
many people who wants to participate into the business of news collection.

Hence a platform enabling people to post their news and views has also
become essential. A web portal which allows everyone to access for news
across the world posted by participants after submitting their due
credentials will be available through Newsandads.com.

Advertisements is the biggest revenue earner for any media house.
Advertisements are collected by agencies and the media offices directly.
Many times the tariff is fixed and it does not change. If the tariff becomes
dynamic it can collect revenue till the last minute before the space is
printed or broadcasted.
If media can sell all the available space at rates which may be slashed or
enhanced at the last minute the earnings keep going on. Bringing in dynamism
into the space tariff will change the business significantly.

Newsandads.com makes the business of advertisement collection more dynamic
and enables media houses gain from it, while it enables more number of
people to advertise their products and services at reasonable prices. When
more no of companies campaign their products and services the economy will
grow , which is the need of the day.

Newsandads.com is a portal democratising the news collection and display by
engaging the readers/ viewers post their news and views , simultaneously
rationalise the advertisement business with dynamic tariff. It supports
media houses to become more dynamic in presenting the news and collecting
the revenue.